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mindcrime page repo

This is the homepage of Phillip "mindcrime" Rhodes on Github. Here you will find links to a variety of things I find interesting.


As Founder / CEO at Fogbeam Labs I contribute code to all of our various open source projects, including:

In addition to our own projects, we integrate with, extend, support, or otherwise use, a number of other open source projects. We have two demo servers running where you can poke and prod at both our projects and some of the other cool stuff we work with.

Learning Projects

On a personal level, I am primarily a Java and Groovy coder. But lately I've been working on adding some new stuff to my repertoire, so I've created a bunch of repos where I put "learning" code as I work on teaching myself a few new languages and tools.

Sandbox repos for experiments and goofing around

Repos I use for playing around with experimental stuff, new technologies, random shit, whatever. There might be some interesting stuff in here. Or not.

Repositories for Books (tutorial / demo / sample code, etc.)

Other Projects

More about Phil

You can find more about me through my presence on various sites around the 'Net. Here's a few.


What, you want it all spelled out for ya? All of the stuff above, and you STILL want contact info listed separately?!?? C'mon man. OK, fine... since you asked. Email to motley.crue.fan(_at_)gmail(dot)com or prhodes(_at_)fogbeam(dot)com. I can also be reached via XMPP at prhodes(_at_)fogbeam(dot)com, prhodes(_at_)fogbeam(dot)org, or mindcrime(_at_)jabber(dot)sdf(dot)org. I also lurk on Freenode IRC sometimes, using nick "mindCrime". I can be found in channels like #trilug, #rtphack, #startups, #lisp, #prolog, #groovy, #java, #swig, #ai, #machinelearning, #chatbots, #loebnerprize and so on.